The service of A.R.Technik company includes the entire range of standard service required by the customer. The company provides service during both the warranty and post-warranty period. Furthermore, the company offers you a service on demand or contractual service as a variant.


Contractual service:

It is a set of activities provided to the customer and defined by the service contract. The service contract stipulates the deadlines, scope of required work, material needed to perform service intervention, authorized persons and contacts for these persons, method and form of ordering extraordinary service intervention, defines specific machines, equipment or scope of serviced technology, rights and obligations of customer and supplier, payment and warranty conditions.

Example of offered services:

  • Professional installation, configuration and testing of the equipment in operation is provided for the company's deliveries of equipment,
  • operational activity at the place of installation,
  • repair or replacement of a defective part,
  • the time of commencement of service intervention is guaranteed according to the conditions stipulated by the service contract,
  • the possibility of software service can also be provided by remote access.

The general warranty for products and services supplied by A.R.Technik is provided on the basis of the valid Commercial Code.

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