Published article in the czech-magazine for automation technology titled "Automa" in January 2017.
The company A.R.Technik spol. s r.o., provides engineering and supply services in the field of automation with a focus on customers in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food, energy and automotive industry for 25 years. In connection with the advent of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 offers customers a conceptual solution for the launch of Smart production. The basic element is the implementation of MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

The importance of implementing MES

Current systems SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition; Fig. 1) monitor the online production process, define access rights of users, provide archiving of technological data, determine and monitor the recipe. Traceability errors that caused problems in production, and their relations can be difficult and sometimes even impossible, especially if the monitored values too much, if there are improperly set alarm signals or in the case of absence a reliable documentation of the maintenance, a documentation of current machinery or current software, etc.

To increase efficiency, quality and productivity of the production is required in addition to the already installed SCADA systems add more online values of energy systems, HR systems and corporate information systems ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) so that the user has obtained both an instant overview production and comprehensive shift overview, complete overview of the entire series or batch and necessary documents of production quality for consumers, government agencies, etc. These and other important indicators of production as a KPI (Key Performance indicator), indicators of overall equipment effectiveness - OEE, and other user-defined outputs conveys precisely MES, which further establishes and optimizes production deadlines, optimize logistic processes and ensures the allocation and management of material, human and machine resources. Since every production is a dynamic process, so then work on the MES is a long-term operation of non-public production data. Therefore, these works including various analyzes must be performed only by the user or a person authorized by him.

The company A.R.Technik in cooperation with the user carries out the design and installation of MES on the platform titled Dream Report as an open solution that supports a large number of existing communication protocols, which simplifies the integration of third-party devices - from individual production units until energy or personnel management.

Before installation of MES must be elaborated the feasibility study, that will determine the basic economic evaluation of current production, a proposal for targets and outputs of MES and sets out the conditions for installation and permanent sustainability of MES.

Other engineering services

The company additionally provides its customers the engineering services including design technological preparation, also for legislatively complicated technology and adverse external environment, for example explosive atmospheres or chemically aggressive environment and according to the requirements of EU standards and standards of the Russian federation, which are mostly fully accepted by the Community of independent states (former Soviet Union).

Because in these times of constantly increasing requirements for the operational management and communication possibilities of individual production lines, the company decided to also enter the market of technological units and to customers, primarily in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, waste management and automotive, supplies complex stations, eg. CIP/SIP (Cleaning/Sterilization In Place; Fig. 2, Fig. 3), PW (Pure Water), WFI (Water For Injection), vacuum stations, tempering stations, production reactors, units of catalytic combustion of gaseous organic waste, separators and coolers of waste gases with cooling capacities of up 50 kW or gasification units for biomass and organic waste with cogenerative production of electric power capacity of approximately 100 kW.

Documentation required for the validation of production according to pharmaceutical standards

To the delivered complexes outside normal documentation the company also provides on customer's requests the documentations FAT and SAT (Factory/Site Acceptance Test) for subsequent development documentation IQ (Installation Qualification) and OQ (Operational Qualification). For the pharmaceuticals manufacture supplies equipment with documents which are used for the validation of good manufacturing practice GMP according to US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and procedures establishes by standart GAMP 5.

As the company delivers solutions and services throughout the Eurasian space, so these solutions and services are fully certified by the EU and also the authorities in the Russian federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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