There is a considerable number of individual, seemingly autonomous units in modern buildings. Each building has its own boiler room or heat exchanger station and the associated heating system. Many modern buildings also have a cooling source and cooling system. Each building has an electrical substation, an electricity supply system and an artificial lighting system.


The concept of an intelligent building views the building as a single technological unit, whose systems work in concert to meet the basic goal of building operation - to provide the required comfort to its users at minimum operating costs.

  • Unified building management concept (system compatibility)
  • Electrical equipment of the building - power supply distribution, protection and shutdown system with communication, energy consumption measurement (M-Bus logo), measurement and control, information systems, LAN networks, access and attendance systems, fire alarm, security alarm, camera systems, backup sources
  • Data centres
  • Documenting environmental parameters
  • Air conditioning and heating of buildings using heat pumps and solar systems
  • Building management - automated cost allocation, automatic evaluation of operational efficiency, automatic maintenance planning




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