Our ERP / MES solutions for production and trade

The goal of ERP deployment is unattended operation, ie stand-alone operations that electronically order materials, tools, maintenance and repairs, predict customer needs, ensure the distribution of parts, products and services according to the concept of "Industry 4.0"

  • Digitization of the pre-production stage (demands, offers, calculations, parameterization of products, orders, etc.)
  • Digitization of the production stage (production planning-APS, transport, human resources, production processes, production management, packaging, invoicing)
  • Direct connection of the ERP with the production (automatic resetting of the parameters of the production equipment, direct communication of PLCs with the ERP)
  • Production documentation (automatic reports, efficiency-OEE, customer documentation)
  • Organization and management of the CRM business team (efficiency of salespeople, customer records and business cases)
  • Workflow (automation of document approval, business production processes)
  • DMS document management (records, assignment and management of contracts, records, photographs, guidelines, technical documentation, etc. Including versioning, locking and archiving)
  • Warehouse management, controlled warehouses
  • Economics, accounting, finance
  • HR-human resources, attendance, wages
  • Management reports


Enterprise information systems ERP/MES

All data are written and archived in SQL database, system control via PC, tablet, mobile phone, touch panels

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