• Smart grids
  • Green power energy
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Heat management
  • Water management
  • Automation of data collection and billing of energy consumption


The technology of gasification of wood chips and waste, production of electricity and heat in the cogeneration unit to synthesis gas

Gasifier (flue gas in the chimney of about 150°C) - cleaning and gas cooling - cogeneration unit = combustion gas = production of heat and power


The separator of the solids and gas cooler

for waste gas, biogas, etc.

  • works on the principle of centrifugal separation of dirt and spraying the gas by coolant - water mixed with condensate from gas;
  • the effect of highly efficient gas cooling is based on the principle of passing gas by water mist, that forms for the transmission of heat very high transfer surface and at the same time there has cooling effect using evaporative heat from the coolant;
  • reliably removed pollutants from the gas (if gas contains) while ensuring condensation water mist that are entrained with the gas to a level of around 15%;

separator type




gas flow

250 až 300 m3

450 až 500 m3


radiator capacity at an air temperature of 35 ° C

10 kW

15 kW






power consumption of the device at an air temperature of 35 °C

5 kW

8 kW






gas inlet temperature

45 °C

45 °C


gas outlet temperature

20 °C

20 °C


pressure drop

1.5 kPa

1.5 kPa


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