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A.R.Technik company has permission of TIČR* to activities: installation, repair, inspection and testing of electrical equipment within E2A and E2B - ie. for equipment with voltage up to 1 kV AC or 1,5 kV DC, inc. equipments designed to protect against the effects of atmospheric and static electricity (conductors) in an environment free / explosion hazards. Document Permissions - see section "Downloads".

* TIČR means Technical Inspection of Czech Republic

It is an organization of state professional supervision over the safety of restricted technical equipment in the Czech Republic. State supervision exercised empowerment within the law, established by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

We provide comprehensive services in deliveries containing units of cogeneration, wood waste gasification and production of power el. energy.

Product / Equipment

The technology of gasification of wood chips and waste, production of electricity and heat in the cogeneration unit to synthesis gas

Gasifier (flue gas in the chimney of about 150°C) - cleaning and gas cooling - cogeneration unit = combustion gas = production of heat and power

–> specific parameters and other parts of the technology available see at

Product / Equipment

The separator of the solids and gas cooler

for waste gas, biogas, etc.


Technical description:

- works on the principle of centrifugal separation of dirt and spraying the gas by coolant - water mixed with condensate from gas;

- the effect of highly efficient gas cooling is based on the principle of passing gas by water mist, that forms for the transmission of heat very high transfer surface and at the same time there has cooling effect using evaporative heat from the coolant;

- reliably removed pollutants from the gas (if gas contains) while ensuring condensation water mist that are entrained with the gas to a level of around 15%;

- separator consists of a centrifugal drum on frame, cooling water tank 200 l, pump and electrical equipment, control system and instrumentation, compressor cooling machine including a condenser and evaporator, connecting pipes between the separator and a cooling machine, valve for drain of condensate;



type of separator SCH300 SCH500 SCH700 
- preparing
gas flow 250 to 300 m3 450 to 500 m3  
cooler output at air temperature 35°C 10 kW 15 kW  
electricity 400 V, 50 Hz 400 V, 50 Hz  
input device at air temperature 35°C 5 kW 8 kW  
temperature gradient of cooling water 15/20°C 15/20°C  
gas inlet temperature 45°C 45°C  
gas outlet temperature 20°C 20°C  
pressure drop 1.5 kPa 1.5 kPa  
approximate amount of condensate 13 l/hour 21 l/hour  
cooling water tank volume 200 l 200 l  
price of the complete equipment excluding tax (DPH) 395 000,- Kč 430 000,- Kč  

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