Project designs

Automation project can be processed according to Your specifications, or based on analyzes of technological or machine devices. A.R.Technik respect the specific requirements of the industry. Projects are processed in accordance with the applicable EN standards. For processing the projects - company use aplication AutoCAD.

Automation projects are treated as complete, comprising:

- project of power el. energy part,

- project of control and information systems,

- project of field instrumentation,

- project of measurement and control/regulation.

The project may be treated as a preliminary study, project for building permit, documentation for selection of suppliers or implementation project and the documentation of real execution. The project according to Your requirement may be treated as a part that complements the design provided by the customer.

For each project can be developed complete documentation, which includes:

- circuit diagrams

- arrangement and layout drawings

- cable lists and wiring charts

- material specifications

- instructions for operation and maintenance

The project documentations company can deliver, according to customer requirements, in English, German or Russian.

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