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Company A.R.Technik designs and implements process automation systems for pharmaceutical, chemical, medical, environmental, energy and automotive technology, inc. design and supply of special technological equipments (cooling stations, vacuum stations, CIP, etc.), according to the concept of digitizing production INDUSTRY 4.0 and using intelligent networks known as Smart Grids. When a consistent application of the digitization manufacturing production, the customer gets an instant overview not only of production, but also the optimization recommendations based on on-line measurement in production efficiency - OEE. In the pharmacy segment, company A.R.Technik design and implement production technology according to standards of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP5.

In the market segment of building technologies A.R.Technik designs and implements heating, cooling and ventilation systems communicatively connected with attendance, access and reservation systems, inc. integration of fire alarm systems, intrusion detection and CCTV by the concept of "intelligent buildings".

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