Monitoring the technological processes

Nowadays, that bears the signs of "information technology" - the availability, speed, quality and form of the obtained information - are one of the most important requirements already from the basic level of production till to the company's management. Hence the creation, delivery, collection and evaluation of information is an increasingly important factor in production and other activities that surround us.

Today's modern business will require quality technology software that provides important technological data not only executive operators, but also increasingly corporate management.
Basis of modern software for industrial automation forms a so-called applications of category SCADA / HMI (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition / Human-Machine Interface = Visualization and data acquisition and supervisory control of technological processes). During the development time SCADA applications failed to develop any global standard, which would individual techniques and procedures uniformly unify.
Currently, there is the internet is one of the strongest global SW tool. His huge development changes the view on "information technology" as such and brings new possibilities and visions.
Data collection is now standardly ensuring by the communication between PLCs, intelligent/smart components and a PC-server. A significant item in the communication plays visualization. This can be passive - communication/transfer of data or active - with the possibility of management and control.

Another important role in monitoring is the data storage and its subsequent analysis. Storage requirements are constantly increasing along with the storage requirements of older and more voluminous data files. Today is no exception declaring the production parameters decades ago, for example, in the plastics industry.

A.R.Technik company offers its extensive experiences in monitoring technological processes, there are few references to the demo:
• HAMÉ Babice
• RECTICEL CZECH Mladá Boleslav
• KORDÁRNA Velká nad Veličkou
• University Olomouc - theoretical institutes LF

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