Intelligent buildings

In modern buildings, there is a considerable amount and seemingly autonomous units. Each building has its own boiler or heat exchanger station and related to the heating system. Many modern buildings also has a cold source and cooling system. Each building has an electrical substation, the electricity supply system and the system of artificial lighting.

The concept of intelligent building sees on a building as a one technological unit whose systems work in concert to fulfill the basic objective of building operation - to provide the desired comfort to their users while minimizing operating costs.

Company offer includes intelligent circuit breakers with communication bus that allows to diagnose power on / off, malfunction, congestion, approaching the end of life, and automatic monitoring of electricity consumption in individual racks and systems for monitoring and control of electrical energy linked to the planning of repairs, derating circuit breakers, thereby saving capital and operating costs.
A.R.Technik company also offer implementation of simple web servers for monitoring alarms, archiving and transmission of alarm signals to a remote control room via the Internet.

The company also offers design and installation of ventilation (air conditionin unit) and air-conditioning, heating system, including the use of heat pumps, sound system, emergency power sources (diesel generators), elevators, telephone and Internet wiring in administrative and productive buildings. To protect people and property in buildings installed fire detection systems (EPS - electric fire alarm), detection systems of external disruption of closed spaces (EZS - electronic security alarm), systems controlling and restricting the movement of people in the building (ACS - Access Systems), systems for monitoring employees, systems of industrial televisions (CCTV) to increase the safety of people, parking systems of garages etc.
Intelligent CCTV ensures contactless counting persons (eg. visitors in shopping centers), evaluates the incorrect movements of vehicles, goods - preventing the theft and misuse, improper movement of persons, suspected postponement of subjects to open areas. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to ensure the cooperation of all subsystems.

A.R.Technik company has considerable experience in designing and supplying the subsystems and their interconnection. A.R.Technik offer to customers function of the coordinator of projects and also function of the supplier of concept "intelligent building" including deliver of heating and air conditioning systems.

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