Efficiency in operation, in the manufacture

Control of energy consumption to ensure operational cost savings. A.R.Technik company performs engineering and design activities, acts as a supplier of building automation, industrial automation supplier, the supplier of measurement and control. Control of sampling may be qualitative or quantitative.

The regulation ensures compensation of the draw at time, reduces peak demands and ensuring low connection values for energy distributors, which means a lower lump sum payments by the provided power. Limitation of peak demands is conducted by continuous control of acceleration and movement or short limitation of consumption of unnecessary appliances.

The regulation ensures switch-off the consumption, unless absolutely necessary, reduce consumptions of outside-working hours, performs a precise regulation of energy to achieve the required parameters, energy recovery, load shedding depending on the outdoor temperature, sunlight, daylight shine like. A.R.Technik Company performs an analysis of consumption and energy use, provides a certified energy audit. On the basis of the energy audit processes A.R.Technik is treated feasibility study of saving measures, including economic analysis.

The benefits of efficient energy management
Energy costs associated with the life of the buildings can be significantly reduced. Lower operating expenses not only increase short-term profits from the operation, but will also lead to accelerated return of investments "building entrepreneurs", the customer also receives regular updates of energy consumption, which can be tailored to specific needs.


Effective cooperation

Modern intelligent buildings should include control systems and technologies, interdependent and cooperating to provide:

- comfort, convenience, safety and healthy environment for the occupants,

- saving energy and operating costs for the building owners,

- easy control and service,

- perfect overview of the ongoing processes in the building.


Seamless compatibility

A key feature of technology in buildings is currently - compatible control systems. If we want all devices to seamlessly communicate together, must speak the same language (communication protocol). For communication standards A.R.Technik considered LonWorks, Ethernet (TCP / IP) and Modbus. It is an open communication protocols that enable seamless communication devices from different manufacturers.

In terms of the products and equipment can be any technology in a building divided into four main groups:

- building equipments and power el.energy - boiler-rooms, heat exchanger stations, cogeneration units or transformers and UPS systems,

- measurement and regulation - heating, ventilation, air conditioning or lighting and control of blinds or shutters,

- low voltage and security systems - data switching, access and CCTV systems or fire protection system EPS,

- transport and handling - lifts, pumps, fans or door and advertising systems.


Electronic production management

Electronic control of production is in practice proven concept of modern solutions to operational control. It brings a constantly high product quality, increase productivity and minimize production costs. Electronic production control is solution that supports the production team to achieve the best results.

The solution provides to production team the necessary informations in electronic form, in real time. A.R.Technik company offers a solution, that is based on system integration business systems ERP - MES - automation. Above all, saving administrative work as production operators and managers who can use the informations from the factory production, like states of technology, quality manufacturing, informations about materials in the production or performance indicators and load factor of the production lines (OEE). The biggest benefits are minimizing production costs, support the efficiency and production quality management.

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